Suzuki LJ10 and LJ80 LJ80-II

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As Suzuki introduced the LJ80 in 1977 there were only a few changes to the previous model LJ50. The main thing was the new 4 cylinder 797 ccm motor instead of the 539 ccm of the LJ50.

In 1978 Suzuki did a lot of modfications to the LJ80. 
The LJ80-II was born!
List of changes


Larger rear axle shaft
2 Larger rear axle housing end flanges
3 Larger rear wheel bearing and assoc. parts
4 Larger differential 
5 Different clutch pedal, bracket and arm
6 Brakes have thicker linings and center hold down spring
7 Steering center lever now the same on left or right hand drive
8 Universal joints are now replaceable
9 Air cleaner element has been changed from wet type to dry type
10 Front side marker lights are no longer recessed
11 Windshield washer now has one center nozzle instead of two on the sides
12 Grill was changed from the LJ50 style
13 Rear view mirror moved from fender to door
14 Inside mirror is larger 
15 Rear license plate moved to center of tail member
16 Front seat can now be moved 60mm farther to the rear 
17 Center brake lever grip added
18 Package tray is smaller to improve heating effect
19 Turn signal lever is nowon the left in left hand drice vehicles
20 Wiper motor on left hand drive vehicles (LJ80-II) is now located on the right side of the windshield
21 Ignition switch is located on the steering column instead of the instrument panel
22 Wiper and washer switch are combined into one and is located on the steering column
23 Ashtray is located on the floor tunnel instead of on the instrument panel
24 Washer tank is larger
25 Fuel tank inlet pipe is shorter
26 Transfer position indicator label is modified
27 Capacity of heater motor is enlarged, heater valve is in the heater, not on the intake manifold, and the heater control box butterfly is separated into right and left and can be operated from both sides
28 Spare tire carier is larger on the LJ80-II
A list of modifications during the LJ80-II period will follow later.
source: For the list of changes Smuz of had done a lot of typing. You can find the original list on


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